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A Multi-Agency SUDI prevention project for the Northeast

The Eyes on the Baby project is a collaborative project commencing April 2022 between
Northumberland County Council (Public Health), Northumberland Family Hubs, Northumbria NHS Foundation Trust and Durham University’s Infancy & Sleep Centre to pilot and evaluate multi-agency SUDI prevention for Northumberland. Building on research recommendations this programme involves training, implementation and crucially evaluation at specific time-points.   

We will improve our training platform and resources based on direct feedback, however evaluation within this project extends to practice development.  By registering for this training, you are agreeing to completing the full training course including each evaluation survey. This information is vital if we are to assess the impact of the project individually, at a local level and across the region.   

We have an opportunity to inform SUDI prevention practices across Northumberland and more widely. Working together we can make a difference.

Currently this project does not extend to North Tyneside. If your role covers both Northumberland & North Tyneside you may register to take part in this project if you work in Northumberland on a frequent basis, however please remember the referral pathways for family support are only in place for for families living in Northumberland. See eligibility details here.

How to register
Staff should register for access to this training by completing the Registration Form. This allows us to enrol staff on the correct strand of training, assign a completion date, and schedule evaluation surveys as appropriate for your role in the workforce.